Friday, May 11, 2018

Clearer view of the Cloud

In recent times Cloud is everywhere, Enterprises, companies, IT Professionals, non IT Professionals and even my 9 year old talks.

Despite widespread talk and awareness yet majority unable to take a proper decision whether to go on Private, Public or Hybrid. When most people think and talk about cloud, it is likely public cloud which pops up into the mind. it's certainly one of the most broadly used, in part it is widely believed to be a cost-effective data storage option. However, there is continued debate on on the trade-off between benefits delivered versus perceived issues.

For majority, one of the biggest benefits of cloud is the cost savings it provide. Having said that there should be other benefits as well and choosing cloud shouldn't be solely based on cost. The ability to quickly scale, collaborate across borders, benefit from instant Application, Database, Software, Hardware, Network, Security updates and ultimately gain a competitive advantage are part of the reason why organisations choose public cloud.

On the other side, when compared to best on premise solutions, public cloud in some instances may be performance, reliability, regular compliance demand and security downgrade, these perceived downgrade prompting a renewed focus on on-premise model.

While this focus on on-premises might provide better data storage visibility and clarity of data residency, the reality is that organisations are not using public cloud in some capacity are likely missing out.

Public cloud should be a part of business strategy, and it shouldn't be just a strategy. Rather than existing as competing options, cloud and on-premise should complement each other and integration between them should be the focus for building an agile and secure, IT estate.

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