Thursday, August 27, 2009

Apex Calendar more more & more

Custom Calendar, Ajax based data handling & Drag Drop Calendar it's all what i am working on, have a big sigh of relief when i see this work. Have much more to do..

Apex in Audit Vault

Now Application Express in Oracle Database Audit Vault. The complete Transformation to APEX is faster than expected. It's all because of RAD tool Oracle Application Express.

Apex Presentation at Chennai,Bangalore & Hyderabad

There is nothing greater than hearing the feedback directly from the Customer. The Presentation at Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad are awesome and found interesting. Very excited to see some of the Application which clients built using Apex.

I am surprised how Oracle Application Express is popular in India. The Audience from Hyderabad are the best among the other cities much informed technically both within the product and overall.

I love city of Hyderabad, no more city of Biriyani, I call it City of Oracle Application Express Growth. I can see a big future for Oracle Application Express in India.