Sunday, March 18, 2018

Decisions drives your life and not knowledge

Four years ago I was inspired by about how demand for basmati rice is so high and some of the Indian companies are making huge profits by exporting to Middle East. One such company was KRBL was trading hardly atound 100 INR, I started learning about the company and understood management is not great and they had huge debt, my knowledge says avoid debt ridden companies and poor management. I had to either follow my knowledge or take a decion to buy, here I trusted my knowledge here. 
The stock went to all time high of 675, that is 6 times in 4 years time. If I had taken decision, would have made huge amount of profit. The difference between success and failure is definitely not in knowledge you possess rather based on right decisions you take at right time. I am not knowledge is bad, decision making is superior over knowledge. Knowledge without decisions is like driving Ferrari in Bangalore roads.